Give thanks…

I do not trust ungrateful people.

Strong statement? Of course it is. I have never met an honourable ungrateful person.

Have you?

Allow me illustrate. If you are around children, you will understand this example more. Imagine you give a child something (anything) and they snatch it from you and walk away as if you offended them or you owe them. They finish it and come back and ask – no – demand more in this whiny voice that makes you want to slap somebody! Any body! Lol!
It is incredibly annoying no?!
Now, imagine an adult doing the same…
Ridiculous right?!
This is because ungratefulness is ugly. I do not know of anyone who says, “I love that man/woman. He/She is so ungrateful” or “I am a good human being. I am thoughtful, ungrateful and nice”. It is not a personality trait people aspire to have.
2016 is concluding and we are fast approaching a new year. This year for me has been absolutely incredible. I was discussing with my Mum about the fact that I wrote a list of everything I needed AND wanted. I was telling her that I checked that list a few days ago and was surprised to find that every single thing was ticked off with plenty left over, already ticked. This surprised me because I had been acting like a brat the last couple of weeks. 

(Ungratefulness is rank!)

You see, for the most part, I have become accustomed to getting what I want. Admittedly, this has not been entirely the case recently because things have been tight but I can bonestly say I have never lacked anything I needed and for the most part, wanted. Yet, every single (reasonable) thing I wanted, I could tick off this year. 
2016 with all the bad news and weird goings-on, it has been a pretty fabulous year. Every month I had something big to rejoice about. 

Yet, I was not happy because in my mind (too many negative things go on in our minds), it  could have been better. Objectively, I know that this is nonsense.
The thing with gratefulness is, when a person is grateful, you want to give them more.
I reflect on my attitude for the last couple of weeks and I am ashamed. I AM so blessed. God HAS been kind to me (so very kind). All I had to do was give thanks instead I was sulking. Instead of offering up a prayer of thanks, I would spend time sulking and lie to myself that I was praying.
 Now, I am normally a pro at saying thank you but maybe I have been excessively spoilt to the point that I lost my damn mind this year.
Don’t be like me. Give thanks. Look objectively at your life. See all the good things God has done. See all the good your family and friends have brought into your life.
Look at the lessons you learned (however painful – no pain, no gain sweetheart). Look at the provision. Look at the amount of generousity showered on you by those who love you (time, money, data, phone games etc..). 
I heard a Pastor once say that people are always shouting about the one plane crash that occured in that year but no one looks at the 364 days when there were no reports of a crash.

We, as human beings tend to be like that most of the time. We focus on the miniscule details that did not go to plan. The 1% that did not work out is enlarged and we completely ignore the 99% that went wonderfully well.
I was going to talk about something else today but this came up instead.
As the year runs out, look back. Count the blessings from the beginning of the year till now. Remember the people who have brightened your day with a smile, encouragement, a text or a joke. Remember the hug you received from a loved one when you needed it most. Remember the person who stayed up with you, the one who held your hand. The one who prayed with you. Cried with you. Laughed with you. Sat in silence with you. If you are like me, the people who simply recognise my crazy and love me in spite of my crazy. 

Remember your family. The people who stand with you. No matter what. Your friends. 

Remember all the good that happened to you in 2016…

Take a moment, give thanks!

Thank YOU for reading, liking, texting, calling, sharing and commenting. You encourage me so much! Thank you for living this life with me…

Peace and Blessins to you and yours! 

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