Adventures in Winter Wonder Land – The blunt stranger #FatinLondon Series

​Being fat in London is very interesting.There are so many different types of people – so many different cultures. London really is a melting pot. You have more opinions about your fatness, from more places around the world. Today, I heard an opinion from a British man.  He looked like a solid size 12/14 maybe 14/16. Maybe 5 feet 6 inches. So he was not slim but he was not quite round yet. 
This particular post is about a man called Mark. I met Mark when I went to Winter Wonder Land with a relatively large group of people. I broke away from the group with 4 other people. One I met today, two I have known a short while and the other, I did not really know. It was such fun!
 On our way out, we stopped at a sweet stand and I asked the man if I could pay for one because I was on a diet (I am not). Just one sweet, I asked with a smile.. He nodded. While one of ladies I was with started selecting, his colleague, who was behind him and also working on the stand spoke up. 
He had been drinking. He still had a beer in his hand. While he was not drunk, he appeared to be well on his way. He was lucid enough to have a reasonable discussion with me (even though he appeared to be shouting for the entire duration of our conversation). 

His name is Mark.
Mark explained that when he felt he was getting too fat, he cut out bread. He does not “touch the stuff”. Turning to the people I was with, he said, “YOU ARE NOT HER FRIENDS”. 
They were not happy. Understandably, they ignored him. This was awkward for everyone. 
Turning to me, he said a crack head would not stop taking crack and then go back and try a little. It is like starting all over again. 
Mark said that if I had that one sweet, it would kick off my addiction and cause me to crave more. One sweet would be the catalyst that would set off my sugar binge. 
He repeated emphatically to me again that the people I stood there with, were not my friends. I needed to find new friends. (Lol)
My friends always raise an eyebrow when I make unhealthy choices. My close friends ask, “are you sure?” then say “try this alternative”. Those with me this evening don’t know me well enough to comment – that is fair enough.
I asked him about the beer in his hand. I asked whether he knew how many calories were in the beer. His response was, “leave that alone”. (Lol!)
Hypocritical? Yes! 
However, this does not mean he is wrong about the sweets. 

Personally, I am glad he spoke up. I did not buy sweets from that stand. I left it alone but if he did that to someone else, I imagine, it would have been received very differently. Could he have said the same thing in a different way? OH YES! 
Speaking for myself alone, I am glad he spoke up. 
With everyone who speaks to me, I always ask, is it malicious? Is it for my good? Do they have a point?
I do not believe Mark was being malicious. It was for my good and he had a point. 
He actually said “I am just telling ya. Stay away from this stuff. You said you stopped for a reason, then stay away from it from that reason”. 
Fair play to him.
I was not offended in the slightest. It was quite amusing.
What do you think?
Do strangers have a right to conduct themselves as Mark did? If he said that to you, how would you have reacted? Do your friends steer you clear from bad foods? Is it their responsibility? Are they wrong if they don’t?
Having said all of this, it was such a fun night  and no, he did not ruin my night. 
He gave me permission to write about him. 
So I did.

One of my many funny stories about being #FatinLondon!
Merry Christmas Y’all!

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