As 2016 comes to a close…

​Speaking from a weird (but utterly lovely) place, God has been consistently kind to me. God has been advocate, provider and protector. God has placed OUTSTANDING people in my life who have always pointed me back to Him. 
You people! You people who have stuck by my side and refused to allow me fall on my face! You people who have been encouraging, relentless, faithful, kind! You people! Thank you! 
My Mother! Oh my Mumz! My Mum is a testament to the fact that there is a God. God bless you for me! 

I cannot lie and say 2016 has been bad. It has been AWESOME for me! From January to December, I have always had many reasons to say thank you – every single month. And like play like play, God came through massively to finish this year for me. Has it been hard? Oh yes! (My heart broke o! But it is being fixed! I am better for it). 
My beautiful family, we are small but these people are QUALITY! I am so glad we saw this year through. Everyday of this year, we have cried with the best, laughed with the best, shouted with the best, celebrated with the best. Rejoiced and danced with the best. You ARE the best!
2015 weeded out the negative in my life. I lived 2016 without the unnecessary. 2016 showed me what it was to live without negativity – it has been peaceful! Happy and vibrant! Even when negativity sought me and tried to overwhelm me, some how, I still do not know how, it missed me!  What a marvellous year it has been!! 

For this year, there is nothing else to say but thank God! What an amazingly lovely year it has been! 

As we are fast approaching Christmas, I cannot help but look back at this time last year – lol! – what a difference a year makes! 
2017 is bright. I hope that this time next year, I will be able to look back at the year and rejoice.

Things could have been much much worse. It has not been. It is much much better.
I am hopeful. 
I am grateful.

Thank you family.

Thank you friends.

Thank You God.

For 2016! 

To the stranger and friend reading this, I hope that even if this year has not been too nice for you, next year will be incredible for you.I hope that you will go on many adventures, find thrilling hobbies even if that hobby is Scrabble. I hope your heart soars with joy and that you find peace. I hope you excel in all that you do and find the answers to the questions you seek. I hope that you find yourself and that gentle, still voice. I hope (again) that you find peace. Last but certainly not least, I hope that love, finds you.
As I hope for myself, I hope for you also.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year! 

Live long and prosper! ✌😘💥 

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