Focus on yourself!

This world is hard enough for people to live in. Yet, you have people in it who are happy to make people feel worse. These types of people always have something negative to say about everyone – and I mean EVERYONE.

There is no need. 

You do things one way, someone else does things another way, why do you feel as if it is your job to tell another person that the way they do things is not good enough? Uncultured? Unintelligent? 
Why are your standards the best way?
Is there only one colour in the rainbow?

Please stop.
Allow people be themselves in every way. If they make mistakes that cause harm to others, feel free to speak up. If not, let people be.
It is in living that they grow. In making mistakes that they learn.
Let people be. 
Focus on yourself. Try and be better. Do better.
Stop harassing people.
God created eveyone uniquely for perfectly sensible reasons.

The world has you. One is enough. There is no need for two of you. Be the best version of yourself and let people be the best version of themselves.

Negativity breeds negativity. 

Ask yourself why it is always you who has to correct everyone?

I am sure you are a nice person who just has some kind of hang up. You can stop being so negative.
Trying to always look for the positive is liberating. It lightens loads and brightens life.

This is a new year. Leave oppression in 2016.

Live and let (others) live.
Keep shining bright people!


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