20 Things you need to understand about fat people…well, me, as a fat person. #FatinLondonSeries

1. I LOVE myself. 

Shocked? Ask yourself why you are shocked. Should I not love myself? Would you rather I hated myself and cried myself to sleep every night because I am fat? Why does that sit easier with you? #Nonconformist

2. I AM lazy. 

Lol! Did you expect to hear something else? I can go to the Gym 5 days a week – maybe 7 days a week. I choose not to. There are so many other examples of what I can do but do not do. What do you call that? Is that not laziness?

3. I DO care how I look. 

Stop reading and watching what the media sells you. The fact that I am fat does not mean I stopped caring about my appearance. Thank God for the Plus Size movement. Y’all are FABULOUS! *furiously takes notes*

4. I am NOT dirty/smelly. 

I heard one goat tell someone that fat people are so smelly. I was peeved. Where on earth do some people get their info from? Seriously! I love love love sweet aromas. My mood is significantly improved if the air around me smells nice. Perfume and lovely scents make me dance.πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

5.  I am not slow. 

Admittedly, I have really really clever friends (PhD and Masters Degree holders) so I may not be the brightest bulb but I do shine – I have my own light. Why do people measure physical size with mental capacity? No one assumes really slim people are clever so why do people assume fat people are slow?! #AnnoyingπŸ˜’

6. I am not sluggish. Should I wish to, I will ball with ya, run with ya and jump in the pool with ya. Granted, I have my own pace but it is NOT sluggish. 

7. My cooking skills are okay comparitively (I just met a sista who THROWS UP AND DOWN in the kitchen. It is out of respect for her skills that I no longer claim that I know how to cook!). I do love experimenting in the kitchen. You will not vomit after you eat my food (you WILL wonder). I remember having friends over and I admitted to adding evaporated milk and sugar to my chicken. They loved it until I confessed my experiment. Lol! #Funtimes

8. I have a very healthy sense of self. Again, why does this surprise you? I remember talking to a guy (in fact, several guys have said something similar to me) who told me I should be grateful (imagine) he was even talking to me! I laughed my head off at how much of a goat he was. He then had the balls to ask why I thought I was all that? (IMAGINE!!!). Brotha, can you not see all my fabulousness?! *clicks fingers* Lol! I thanked him for his opinion then told him where to shove it…well!! πŸ˜‚

9. Related to 8 but still relevant. I am not the insecure fat chick. That babe belongs in the movies. This is real life. Lol! 

We all have our insecurities – fact! My fatness is NOT one of them. I accepted it a long time ago when I got tired of goats trying to use it to oppress me. Everytime I got into an argument/fight in school, I would hear, “you are so fat…” *rolls eyes*. After about 2 years of hearing it, I began internally rolling my eyes. In my head, those arrows turned to flowers by the time it reached me.#Wateroffaduck’s back.

 Okay. Is that all you have to insult me? Really?! Everyone can see I am fat. What else is new?! πŸ™„

10. I am aware of the risks of obesity. 

How can I not be? My family (God bless them) remind me constantly. My doctor/nurse remind me constantly. The news/Tv/Movies, remind me constantly. People with permission remind me constantly. People without permission remind me constantly. Believe me, I am very aware of the risks.

11. I AM trying to be healthy.

I do not need to wear a sign on my head to let you know that I am working on my weight. Neither do I have to eat a salad all the time so that you will lay off my back. LISTEN! I choose how I will lose this fat. Even if I did not want to, do you really believe unsolicited advise will make me lose weight?! Trust me when I say I have consulted the professionals. You (Mr/Ms Judge and Jury) are not a professional. WebMD/YouTube/Insta accounts/Facebook as sources of your education does not qualify as training. Please do not make assumptions about my lifestyle. 

12. As long as it is not malicious, I DO welcome input. We learn everyday. I am always surprised at the tips I get from the randomest sources. Feel free to ask me questions, make suggestions AFTER speaking to me. Don’t be a goat.

13. I do not like goats. Don’t be a goat. FYI, a goat is a person without sense/filter/manners. Lol. Help yourself, don’t be a goat.

14. I do not bite. 🐯🐯🐯

Do I REALLY need to explain this?! Okay. Fine. I know I am fat but come on! I like Carbs not human meat. Feel free to approach me. I will not stomp on you, eat you or start crying. (Well, I may become emotional if you are really lovely…).

15. I am a HUMAN BEING. 

I have feelings. I have emotions. You can hurt me by behaving like a goat. I am not made of stone. Yes, I do laugh a lot but this does not mean I don’t get hurt or cry. Treat me like you want to be treated. It is not Rocket Science. Kindness makes you human. Being rude makes you a goat. Are you a goat? Lol.

16. I AM NOT MY FAT. Hello? Anyone? Did you hear? I AM NOT MY FAT.πŸ’ͺ

There is SO MUCH more to me than my fatness. I have interests, I think, I have hobbies, pet-peeves, I read, I dance, I sky dive. Lol! No, well, I don’t sky dive (yet) but I want to! Stop throwing that fat blanket my way. Fat is not all I am. There is so much more to me. Don’t be a goat. 
17. I have my fair share of admirers and friends.

I am not lonely. I am not desperate. I am not in any type of hurry. I am single by choice darlink. (Is it your single?! – #Nigerianjoke) So please, stop making assumptions. Did you not hear? When you make assumptions, you make an ass out of yourself. Just yourself. Lol! I love my friends and my friends love me (I hope. Lol). 😘😘😘

18. I am incredibly selfish. Lol! I am working on it. (God is working in me). Remove that false perception that fat people will jump over themselves to please you. Some might but it is not a fat thing. It is a human thing. 

19. I work hard. 

I know I said I am lazy. I am. Yet, I do work hard in certain areas. I work my behind off to ensure my work gets done. It does not transfer to exercise but hey…I am working on it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I left this till number Twenty because I need it to stay in your mind. 

20. I am unique. I am my own person. I cannot speak for every fat person. I am not envious of slim women. I am my own person. I am not a caricature. I am not a representation of fat people. I am not a stereotype. I am just myself. It is true that as a fat person, we (myself and othet fat people) may have very similar experiences but at the end of the day, please, take me as I am. Clear your mind of prejudice. Do not ascribe nonsense to me because you watched/heard it somewhere or because another fat person is a particular way. See me. Get to know me and then decide whatever you want to but do so because you took the time to know me. 
Listen, in 2017, it is incredibly hard to be a fat WOMAN in our society. I do not know what it is like to be a fat dude (any fat dudes want to chip in?! Please do) but speaking from experience (mine and stories I hear), yikes. I cannot even complain that much because I see how some fat women are treated and it breaks my heart (stand up for yourself ladies!). Thankfully, I have been blessed to be in an environment where self love is the only possibility/result so I own my space. Give fat women a break please. Don’t be a stick…or a goat. Be a supporter. Be a cheer leader. Be a friend.

To paraphrase what Maya Angelou said, now that you know better, please do better. 
A lot of nonsense I see is no longer good enough. 
If you have questions, ask. 

If you need to talk or just need encouragement, send me an email. We can chat! We can run around and play catch! Lol! πŸ˜‰

The world is dark enough. We cannot now start making it darker for ourselves and others. 
Stay positive y’all!
Ps, the image is not my own. If it is yours, please get in touch. I am not trying to claim or use your work illegally. 

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