I will jump straight in!

8. Be kind. I cannot stress this enough. Be kind. Treat people the way you want to be treated. If you cannot be kind, close your mouth, walk away. Just do not cause harm because of your words and actions. I don’t know about you but I deeply (DEEPLY) regret all the times I have been anything but kind. I cannot take back my words or undo my actions in the past but I can make sure that I do not hurt anyone else on purpose. The world is better and brighter with kindness.

9. Sow good seeds. You hear it all the time. Karma is a female dog. Well, this is true. What ever you put in the ground, you will get back. It is a Universal law. If you put wickedness out there, trust and believe it is coming back to you.When some bad things happen to me and I want to get angry, I stop and remember a time when I did the same and I learn from it. Now, this does not mean that everything that happens to you is your bad karma, sometimes it is not. Sometimes, it is your parents’ bad karma. Other times, it just is but mostly, you get back what you give out. So sow good seeds.

10. Try. There is nothing worse that knowing you could have performed better if only we tried harder. That is a crushing feeling. It feels like a weight. It is needless. In everything we do, please just try. Micheal Jordan said, “I can accept failure but I cannot accept not trying“. What do you have to lose?
11. People walking away from you is not always a bad thing. Believe me! A lot of the time, those who have walked away from me have done me a massive favour. Do not try and force anyone to stay (or force any one to do what you want). God gives us free will. Allow others the same. If they want to leave, let them. Those who want to stay will stay. 

12. Life happens. You cannot control it. This is something I have really struggled to accept. Obviously, we can control some elements, like what we wear, what we do etc…but ultimately, we cannot control life. God can and does. Stop trying to stay in control. Do what you can and leave the rest.If it goes your way, rejoice. If it does not, learn. The world will keep moving on – with or without us. As cheesy as this sounds, I really believe that what will be will be. So stop stressing out – just enjoy the ride.
13. Give thanks. Do I need to explain this? Really? Okay! Have you ever given a child something and the child snatched it from your hand and wandered off without saying anything? How did you feel? When this child came back for more, how willing were you to give the child anything else? Exactly. I read somewhere that an attitude of gratefulness not only opens doors for you, it increases the level of the chemical brain that is linked to happiness. A grateful attitude is great for you and for others. Say thank you for the seemingly little things. It goes a long way!
14. Treat people well. This is not the same as point 9. It is similar but not the same. I do not need to tell you why do I? Just treat people well. Treat everyone with respect. They do not have to be the CEO to be treated well. Everyone deservea respect, whether they be CEO or homeless dude. Disrespect and rudeness is never the way to go. If you feel you cannot help yourself (let us be honest. Sometimes, people vexate you to the point where you react to their foolishness). However, treating people well tells me more about you than the person being ill treated. Every life has value just because God created them. People are worthy of honour…just because.

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