Response: Not Suit-able for the Crazy Nigerian

Never ask a Nigerian Tailor for a favour.
Especially if that favour is speed (some get away with it o – teach me abeg!). I don’t care whether they are based in the ‘abroad’. The same is true. The ones here are worse because they are not tailor. They are ‘designer’. Lol! God help you if they are under 40…
Also, when you are asking them to sew something for you under pressure…the result is not always great. They expect you to say thank you because after all, they did it for you self…
If you are fat, haaaaaaa FORGET ABOUT IT! Lol! Your cloth WILL come with unsolicited advice on weight loss and styles that you SHOULD be wearing instead of what you asked for… a badly sewn outfit AND attitude because after all, they are doing you a HUGE (pun intended) favour! Loool!
If you are under 50, forget about it. Just leave it alone.
Nigerian tailors are just…’something else’.
I thought it was just me but hey…lol!

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