Dear Girlfriend (s)

Dear Girlfriend(s), 

This is just a little note to say, thank you for being my friend.  Thank you  for sticking with me, for seeing past all you wanted to see past, for understanding, for well wishing, for praying and encouraging me, for always speaking life and telling me the truth, for rooting for me, EVERY SINGLE TIME.  

I cannot help but smile and will admit that I am so blessed to see quite a few faces as I type this. A few I have known for almost a decade, others I have known not up to a year. 


 Who would have guessed that women would make up the majority of my friends list?! A few years – a while ago, that would have been a joke. A hysterical joke.

I always hear and used to believe that women were no good. I prefered guys. I avoided women as much as was possible. They were a ‘HELL NO’ area. 

You changed that. You all changed that.
You, dear friend are one of the women who have proved me wrong. Time and time again (if you want specific examples, I will send a voice note). Lol!  

I appreciate you. I need you to know that your friendship means a lot to me even when I disappear for a few months.  The fact that I call you a friend, I do not take for granted. You mean a lot to me. 

 Please know that I appreciate and love you! I know I can be wonderfully weird. I know I can be ‘off’, sometimes, even rude. Forgive me. Thank you for always choosing to forgive me. 

For overlooking my faults, correcting me, instructing me, for a few, even protecting me.  You who thought it beneficial to smack me over the head, lol! It was! Thank you! 

Thank you for noting my occasional naivete and  never taking advantage, for never leaving me feeling used and abused.

Thank you for standing with me when things and times were darkest. You stood by me, some cried with me, hoped with me, reassured me. Some who fought with me, argued for me, defended me. I will never forget. 

You who made my mountain look like a pebble, lol! Thank you! 

You, who always point me back to God, no judgments, no condemnation, no yoke, just pointed, thank you! 

Thank you for choosing to remain my friend even when I am unfriendly. Thank you. I am so glad (SO GLAD) we are friends and I wanted you to know! I hope to be the kind of friend to you that I pray for. (I hope this makes sense). 

You certainly are answers to my prayers in all your different ways. Especially you, my friend with many other titles including mentor. You are shining! 

Your lives inspire me in one way or another. 

I give God thanks for you all! 

Thank you. 

I will that admit I started typing this as a What’sapp message for you all. It was supposed to be a private message. It was longer than I originally intended so I decided to blog it! Lol!  I will send you the link so you know I saw your face as I typed. Lol! 


Ps, dear guy friends, if you are reading this, I still love you lot inni (L.O.L). You have your place. My ladies have theirs. Stand with me to celebrate them. *WINKY   FACE*

Love and Blessings,


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