How do you see God? – An interview with myself…

Those who know me, know that I talk to myself at length. I am not crazy. If you don’t, I encourage you to start…
I was reading a devotional about David and it broke down the twenty third Psalm. It spoke about how David saw God as he put pen to paper and created one very popular Psalm. 

That caused me to ask myself, honestly, how I saw God. 

What you are about to read, is legitimately how it went down…(in my head).

These are my questions and my answers. 
This is not a work of fiction.
 If you are Christian and might be offended, please forgive me. I am still learning. 
I will never claim to know more than anyone. 
I am trying and trusting and living.
 It is my faith walk! 

When I first had the idea to share this, I am not even sure what I hoped to achieve! I do hope however, that it causes you to ask your own questions and in answering those questions, you find answers to questions you did not know you even had and that peace fills your heart!


 1. How do you see God?

I don’t know. God is God. 

2. How do you see God?

I said already. God is God. Is He not God?

3. Okay. What is God to you?

God is God. He created me.


4. What else is God to you?

God is strong. Very strong. The strongest.
5. Anything else?

God is…

6. Okay. Who is God to you?

To me? Or who people and the Bible says He is?

7. To you. Who is God to you?

I don’t know…

8. ?

I guess God has provided for me. He has been advocate for me and my family. He has protected us. He has restored many things to us. God removed my shame and put laughter in my mouth. 

9. Is that not who God is to you?

Not really. That is what God has done for me.  I cannot say that God is one thing to me. I can say that God has been plenty things to me but I cannot say He is that one thing. Does that make sense?

10. Why can you not describe God one way?

I can. I already told you but you wanted more. God is God. That is Who He is to me.  God. Why is that not enough? Would you rather I parroted what I heard? Or gave you descriptions ascribed to God in the Bible? I can do that but I wanted to tell you how I saw God. Maybe my sight is flawed?

11. Okay. Fine. How do you think you should see God?

I think I should see God as Father, Judge, Mighty, Strong, Powerful, Infinite, Massive, Unchallengable, THE greatest. 

12. Why do you think you should see Him like that?

The Bible describes Him as all that and more.  That is how God is generally seen in a lot of the circles I am in.

13. Do you see Him like that?

I can! Of course I can but that is not where my mind goes when I am asked that question. My first impression IS massive. Big. Regal. God. That is why I keep telling you that I see God as God.
God is not just one thing. He is many good  things. He is also Judge. He is the One Who opened the ground and people fell inside. The One who kept getting angry at and forgiving the Israelites. He can be jealous and possessive.  He can be really merciful and kind. He is God. He can do and be what He wants. 

14. You clearly have a view on what God is like.

Yes. I told you. He is God.  If that is not enough for you, I don’t know what to tell you…
It has made me think though. I need to sit down and think more. It is not an everyday question. 

How do I see God?!  How DO I see God? Hmmmmmmm
I know He loves – next level type of love. Never seen before or experienced. Pure. No one can love like God.

15. How do you know?

Well, objectively, to sacrifice your Son for people uninterested in you…mehn! I cannot do it. Personally, there are times that I can legitimately feel His love and my heart is so full I start crying. In those times when I really need to feel it. Also, it is head knowledge that became heart knowledge through faith. That is how I know. Practically, He helps me. I don’t deserve it but God helps me anyway. Is that not love? He is pure and holy and I am me, yet, He calls me child – LOL! – How?! Can you imagine even Queen Elizabeth  touching your hand without gloves, talk less of loving you?! Yet!!! God loves me. I did not do – cannot do anything for it. What do you call that?!

16. Okay. How else do you see God?

I see God as a rescuer. He rescues people. He delivers them from trouble. He forgives A LOT! I also see God as like a safe place. That is where you go when every human being has let you down. You think, God will not let me down. So you go to Him. Does that make sense?

17. So God is not even your first resort?

No. He is not. I will not even try and explain it. He is not. I will try things myself, go to my Mum or brother and if that fails, I will go to my friend and then I will go to God…that sounds bad. I wish my response was God. Obviously, I will whisper a prayer as I try and fix it but I usually try and fix it first. Lol…

I guess I see God as fixer. He fixes my mess… all the time. 

18. Okay. With all you have said, I have to ask again…how do you see God now?

God is God. The maker of Heaven and Earth. God. Indescribable. Multi faceted. God. Unlimitedly good and kind. He is God. That is how I see God. 

*End Interview*

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