Lessons I learnt from the Old Chinese Man…

I was on the bus and on my way home when I saw this old Chinese man, hobbling and running for the bus I was in. He had missed the bus and instead of waiting a few minutes for the next one (it was only a few minutes), he decided to run to the next bus stop. 

The next bus stop was about 2 minutes away by bus, a solid 5 – 8 minute walk depending on pace and excluding road crossing time. This man, ran, to the next stop. It is true that he was not running very fast, comparatively, but he kept running/hobbling anyway.

I noticed him first when he tried to enter the bus I was in. He had clearly alighted from the bus behind and tried to catch the one I was on.

He missed it. He was too late. I sighed because he could not make the bus. It is always sad to see someome chasing a bus as the bus is pulling away. Worse still when it is an older person or a pregnant woman. 

When I saw him start running, a part of me cheered him on, impressed at his brazen belief that he could actually catch the bus. Another part did not believe he would make it.

I watched him hobble/run as the bus slowed to a stop because, London traffic! 
I silently cheered. He might just make it but sadly, the traffic that brought the bus to a stop, cleared and the bus drove past him. I kept watching. 

I thought he would stop hobbling/running. The bus had passed him. No one would blame him if he stopped. He was old. He had missed it. He could definitely catch the next one. He did not stop. He kept moving forward. 
He kept running. No!  He kept on running/hobbling. No. Hobbling/Running. No! He kept running.

He! Kept! Running!

Somehow, he made it. It took a lot of energy on my part, to keep my hands from applauding him. Upon arriving to the bus stop, the bus waited. There was a crowd waiting to board the bus because peak time in London is madness. 
The bus driver allowed a few on the bus then shut the front door. No more passengers were being allowed in the bus.

My heart went out to the old man. “Poor guy”, I thought.  “After all that running, and actually meeting the bus, you still cannot enter”. I felt bad for him.

As I was preparing my mind to focus on other things so I would not be too sad, I saw this man, jump on the bus through  the back…

I could not hold back my laughter.

I laughed and laughed and laughed. 3 stops later, I was still laughing.

He got on the bus.

I don’t know where he was going or why he was so determined to enter that bus but he kept going. When it looked like, the game was finished, he found another way and pushed through.

He achieved his goal, “by fire, by force”. 

I know it is not that serious and that it is only a bus he caught but it does not change the lesson;

1. Keep pushing

2. Never give up

3. Ignore what others are doing or saying (it is not your business)

4. Focus on your own tasks

5. If one door closes, find another

6. Don’t stop until you are where you want to be

After I finished laughing, I could not deny his tenacity. I admired his relentless(ness).

He achieved his goal!

Whatever his motivation, he accomplished what he set out to do.

We can all learn from that old Chinese man…

Love and Blessings,


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