Venting Friend…

Well, I have this friend…

 90% of our conversations is me, venting, crying, complaining! (And then she prays for me!❤).
It occurred to me sometime last year to be better, do better. Ask about her. 
In my mind, she has no issues but I am sure, this is not true. She just seemed well put together!
She also has people she vents to… she never vents to me. When I decided to stop calling her to vent, it appeared that we had nothing to discuss. 

The silence was astounding! We did not talk for long periods.

This year, I plan to call her and keep quiet. Lol! Allow her vent. Even if it is to rant about my weirdness. 

In all those times I called to vent, I trusted her enough to know she would not gossip about me. I knew she would not condemn (judge ) me. I knew she had wise suggestions, pointers for me to not just walk away tired. At the very least, I walk away encouraged. 

What is my point? 

Friendships like these are necessary.

 We should all have a friend we can vent to! Appreciate the friend that lets you vent!
 The only thing is, as we vent, we need to prepare to be a listening ear when another friend decides to trust you enough to vent to! 

It is all cycles you see… 
Love and Blessings! 

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