Are you in the present?

Something weird happened to me this morning. 

For those that watch my What’sApp status updates, you know that I started the ‘January Thankful Challenge’ wherein I post something I am thankful for. 
Well, I do not like posting reasons to be grateful for the fun of it. I like to find that one thing that occurs to me during the day, however early or late and makes me gush and tremble with a profound feeling of gratefulness as I offer thanks.

Anyway, I had one of those moments this morning. My new favourite song, ‘You Covered Me’ started playing and that was when the peculiar occured. 
For those interested, this is the link ( 

On my way to work, I was truly lost in my thoughts because even though the bus pulled up next to me, passengers boarded, the driver beeped (they always do), I was COMPLETELY lost in my thoughts and I missed my bus. Just missed it.  It came. It went. I was not on it. 

When I realised, the bus had started pulling away. I was shocked at how lost in my thoughts I was. If someone had walked up to me and grabed whatever was next to me, I would have been clueless. That was so bizarre.  

I was so lost in thinking about what I will do. I lost sight of where I was and what I was doing. The consequence of that  day dream,  I will face in a little bit because I WILL be late to work. 

It was not worth it. I could have dreamt on the bus…lol! 

Enjoy the moment you are in. 
Be present in time. 
Let tomorrow take care of itself. 
I am not advising you to neglect planning. 

That would be foolish. I am saying, be present. 
Be here. Now. Revel in real time! 
Love and Blessings! 

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