Happy New Month! 

In every new season,  whether a new month or a new year, people like to take stock. They look back and count the shoulda woulda couldas. 
I am sure that this new month is just the same. 

looked back and found I am deeply dissatisfied with a great many things in my life. Of course, I count the good! (One should ALWAYS count the good) but this does not discount and or negate the bad. 

I am unsure as to how to properly and permanently deal with these and so I hold them, day dreaming about dropping them on that ever elusive ‘one day’. All the while, devasted at my inability to drop or fix them. 
Yesterday fell on Easter Sunday. I woke up to statuses and pictures exclaiming, “He is risen“. He, being Jesus. His ressurrection, meaning life. Hope that we will not die.
In this new month, I want to hope that I have victory in Jesus. I want to hope that after the mess of the world, I actually make it to Heaven. 

Life can get so tedious and tiresome and what makes it worse is when a lot of the things wrong in your life is self-inflicted – no village people diabolically plotting your down fall. Lol!

In this new month, I would like to put my money where my mouth is and put in effort to change the things I can actually change and pay less attention to the things I can do nothing about.

This month started with Easter and April Fools on the same day. I say it started with hope and laughter.

Hope to instill energy to fight another day and laughter to cast away any pain and hurt existing today. It is such a lovely way to begin a month. 
Regardless of how you are feeling or what you might be facing, I hope that this whole month is filled with a ton of hope and laughter.

Hope to win and laughter to rise again, every single day of April!
Happy New Month Folks!  
Love and Blessings,

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