Church in a Pub! 

I had dinner with a few friends on Friday in a very noisy pub. We had to shout in conversation and every so often, I would flinch because a few guys near us were watching a football match and would roar and or shout at the TV, above us in reaction to a goal or free kick or whatever was going on.

Sat there, talking, laughing and eating, it felt glorious. My heart and mind was truly turned to the One Who made me. I was at peace. I felt love, loved and safe.

Even though the environment was racous, there was that unexplainable stillness, goosebumps and that very tangible feeling of awe. My heart was full. It felt like what Church should feel like.
…even if we were in a pub.

It also made me sad because moments like that, make me really miss Church. 
There was fellowship, there was encouragement. There was prayer. It was a lovely dinner and it was safe. I could speak my heart without fear of condemnation. I was free to just be!

Is that not what Church is supposed to be like? 
I do not currently belong to a Church and I have not belonged to one in nearly 2 years (maybe slightly more). In Christian circles, this is an abomination. I would go as far as saying, some Christians would rather a liar than a member who misses Church. When some people heard I do not go to Church, the metaphorical stones that flew in my direction, hurt. They still hurt.
I would endure sermons and continuous Bible bashing on the importance of attending service, after which, more often than not, would completely turn me off going anywhere near a Church. 

Yet still, I am reminded that I am not forgotten with days like yesterday. Even though,  it was just a catch up, it felt like Church. 

I came loaded down and left refreshed, energised. Refocused.

Which is what Church is for!

Leaving aside the building, the equipment and Church programs and Church activity, I was reminded that Church is about people. 


The people! NOT the building.

We are to pray for one another, lift one another up. Give thanks with a oneness of mind, all the time. Not just Sundays. That is what Church is.
I really miss being and feeling like that.
It is funny how one dinner in a pub has done more for the argument in support of the importance of Church than 500 sermons (#exaggerationdisclaimer).

It really did! I longed for (more) fellowship! 

I am urging every Christian to do more and bash less. Don’t talk at me or hit me over the head with your Bible. Love me. Show me. Live life with me.

That is what Church is about.

So that when you hear, “let us go to the House of the Lord”, excitement and joy would always win over dread and anxiety.
Church is not the enemy! Church is for my growth and edification.

I am grateful for that reminder and for my lovely friends who took me to Church! 

God is not just inside the Church building! 

He is everywhere! 
Even in a pub! 
Love and Blessings! 

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