5 Types of friends who are under appreciated but should be greatly valued!

5 Types of friends who are under appreciated but should be greatly valued!

1. The friend who tries. This friend is the one who is always sending messages. How are you? Funny jokes. Inspirational words etc…they are always contacting you some how. After some time, you may begin to ignore them (and their messages) or over look them because in your mind, they will always be there.

2. The reliable friend. This friend is another under-appreciated individual. In your mind, you know that they will always be there. No matter what. So you do what you want because you know that 80% of the time, they will be there.

3. The honest friend. Not the eww, your hair looks ugly type of honesty (this is useful too) but the people who will call you out and your flaws AND teach you how to edit and change for your good. You know the ones who tell you the truth and you want to slap them! Lol! The type of friend who speaks true – at all times. Trust me, they do not dislike you. They might even love you.

4. The friend who embraces you – totally. You know the type. There is NOTHING they hear about you that will repulse or cause them to turn away from you. It seems like the more bad things they hear about you, the more they like you. They see the nonsense and like you for it. They might be sometimes confused with the reliable friend but they are not reliable. Just accepting.

5. The friend who has all 4 qualities – this is the rarest of them all. If you find this person, HOLD ON FOR DEAR LIFE! They are necessary. If you cannot marry them, buy them a house. LOL!

If you have been told you are any of these 5, I want to be like you. Teach me. You are rare. Valuable. Those who have you as a friend are truly blessed. It is not easy to be a true friend. If you have been told that you are one, pat yourself on the back. Forgive your friends who may not always appreciate you. People never appreciate what they have until it is gone. You are a gem. Here is a hi5 from me.

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