It is okay to not know…

This is an old post I shared on Facebook. I am reposting my own thoughts.

Enjoy! 😊

It is OKAY to say “I don’t know“.

I was laughing at myself this morning because I remembered one incident when I was asked what a word in Igbo meant. Instead of me to say, “I don’t know“, I gave false information.

(It did not help that the answer I gave was RIDICULOUS!!! ANY Igbo person would pick it up!)

The next week, it was obvious the person I gave false information to, shared the information I gave him and was ridiculed. He came back to ask me why. He thought I was messing with him when I was simply too arrogant to admit I was ignorant.

Now, imagine if the question was of a serious nature and there was no one to correct it. That is how false information will start circulating because pride did not allow me respond honestly. #Chaitins

By saying, “I don’t know“, you get the opportunity to learn.

I now know what the word means. I went to ask. The person I asked knew. Lol!

Ignorance is only negative when it is wilful.

I am still learning!


Love and Blessings!


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