My old albums and I

I am on my way to work and filled with so much joy because of this album, I LOVED as a child (teenager).

I knew and still know all the words to this album. It was introduced to me to replace main stream songs. As a child who was (re)learning about Church culture, one who had just given her life to Jesus and jumped in body, soul and spirit, I swallowed albums like this.

The joy I am feeling on this bus, reminds me of that verse in Psalm 51:12;

Restore to me the joy of your salvation,

and make me willing to obey you

I was reminded of the joy and excitement of being saved and free and joyful and grateful.

The Bible is true. There IS an unexplainable joy that accompanies salvation. It is like our whole being acknowledges that we are FINALLY home.

The longer we are saved, the more entitled we feel. The more entitled we feel, the more proud we become. The prouder we are, the more selfish we become. We forget that it is not because of what we did or have done but it is because of what Jesus did.

I think that this might be how we lose our joy. We forget mercy, we forget grace. It is no longer about what it should be about; sharing the joy and good news that we have been set free.

On this bus this morning, all my excitement, happiness and joy had me moving, bopping, utterly delighted …all on a public bus.

We need to pray for artists like Kierra Sheard/Lacrea/Tedashii/Victizzle/Faith Child etc…

They provide(d) alternatives and culture for young people like me who loved music and wanted these songs to be solid, relevant yet nutritious for my soul.

They were so necessary.

I am going back to listen to many of those my old albums. I am looking to go back to the days where salvation was simple and uncomplicated as it should be.

Hopefully, I re-learn and consciously remain in that mindset of our joy and thankfulness for the fact that;

1. God loves me

2. God saved me

It REALLY is as simple as that.

Love and Blessings,


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