Oxford Lessons

This morning, I went to a new place and using Google maps, I knew what bus I needed to enter to get to the place I wanted to go. I wanted to ask for directions as I usually do but the man coming up the steps did not look too happy about answering the questions of the lady before me who asked him for directions. I decided to leave him and not ask, realising later that he just desperately needed the bathroom.

After standing around for a little while, trying to work out where it was I needed to go, I realised the bus stop I needed was in front of me because the bus I needed was right there at the bus stop waiting for the driver who went to use the bathroom.

I needed to enter this bus and I needed to buy my ticket. Thankfully, there was no added stress for time because I left in enough time. I Googled the signs I saw about tickets and worked out how to purchase my tickets, then proceeded to stand by the bus stop. In the hope that I could hop on as soon as the purchase was complete as I was not sure when the next one would arrive. This was Oxford. Not London.

I am going somewhere with this I promise.

The page to pay kept freezing so I panicked and hopped on the bus, explaining this to the driver in the hope that HE would suggest staying in until the page loaded and I could scan my ticket after the fact. No such luck.

I accepted my fate and asked him when the next bus was arriving. He said, it was “just behind”. There were no buses in sight. I alighted and waited for the next bus, watching the bus drive away.

When the next bus arrived, I hopped on with confidence, after all, I had my ticket. Showed the driver my ticket, this new bus driver said, I was on the wrong bus. The ticket I purchased was for a particular bus. Disappointed, I said thank you and hopped off. Again, I watched yet another bus drive away.

When the right bus finally came, I hopped on, with less confidence but with an ample amount still. I showed him my ticket. He showed me how to scan it properly and I sat down, waiting to alight at the right bus stop.

Remember, I was not disturbed because I was on time.

I kept Google Maps on because buses in Oxford do not have announcements for every bus stop like they do in London. I hoped I would not miss my stop and I did not. Google is a wonderful company.

I alighted yet again, except this time, it was to find my way to my destination on foot. I stand at the bus stop for a few minutes trying to work out whether I would be going left or right. In trying to work it out, I look up and see driver one arriving at my bus stop. He looked as surprised to see me as I was, him. Despite all that drama, I had arrived at my destination BEFORE him. I smiled to myself. #Feelingquitesmug

I found my direction and started walking, only to find the second driver, pass by with his bus. He, found it funny that I arrived before he did. Again, I was shocked.

Walking to my destination, I decided to share this journey and the lessons I weaned from it.

They include;

1. Give yourself enough time.

2. Plan. Plan. Plan. Then plan some more.

3. Never force anyone to do anything.

4. Never force yourself into any situation.

5. Have patience enough to trust that what is yours is yours.

6. Trust in the fact that things will work as as they should, when they should and how they should.

7. Don’t stress about things. Gowith the flow.

8. Take all the necessary precautions. Study, check and ensure you have all the information you need.

9. Use wisdom in all you do.

10. Give thanks for safe travel because it all really does work out, despite the ups and downs. You will get to where you are going in and on time.

Love and Blessings,


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