Do you.

It is funny. I have heard people say I am crazy, maniacal, deluded, fake, ignorant, unrealistic…blah. Blah. Blah. Sometimes, I accept it and agree with them and that causes a deep sadness. The type that saps strength and drains your ability to fight or even be. When I can no longer live with the sadness, I drop it and I believe in myself again.

Let me be mad. Let me be insane. Let me be me.

Every person will think whatever it is they want to think, based on their own limitations, insecurities and ability to see. You do not have to share perspectives. You can see the world differently. It does not make you mad. Your eyes, your view.

“Drop other people’s glasses and wear your own so that your eyes won’t spoil” – Nwanne O

So many quotes. So much wisdom.

Let people do them. You do you. You know what works for you.

For me, well. Those who know, know.

Choosing to see and do and think and act and see in a particular way does not make you blind. It give you spectacular views of what would have been rather basic.

Keep your eyes open. Keep your view clear. See all that you need to see.

You are not insane.

You are you.

Fantastically you.

Do you.

Love and Blessings,


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