Introducing stories from my head…##PIMSLoveLines

Did you know I write stories? I have hundreds of short stories in my many journals. I usually sit and think up a plethora of events and incidents that have never happened. My mind is one that wanders a lot. I dream and daydream, I hear snippets of conversations and add paragraphs to what I believe will happen next. I love hearing stories and I tell many of my own stories (to myself). They are always written down, in my journal, phone, notebooks etc…

It never occurred to me to share some and (get feedback), until today.

I mean, why daydream and come up with stories for yourself? Is that not selfishness? 😉

They are strictly for entertainment purposes and in the case you like them enough to share, please share with a link to my blog!

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I will enjoy writing them.

Please note!

All the stories you will read on this platform are purely (entirely) fictional. If they sound like your story, well, I guess you live an actual dream. Give thanks.

All the stories will all feature under the hashtag, #PIMSLoveLines.

This is because as much as I hate watching rom-coms, I do like creating realistic romantic stories because love is not always tall, dark and handsome. Or red roses, candles and trips to exotic locations. Many times, love is just a hug that allows tears flow or voluntary service to make you a nice cup of warm hot chocolate or even, honest, heart leaping excitement to see another person.

Love can even be as simples as “have you eaten” (#Igbomanshoutout).

I hope they make you feel warm inside, in a way that is plausible, realistic and true (no space for impossible here).

As I write, I wish you all the live you can handle, and then some more because, why the heck not?!


Love and Blessings,


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