Don’t Hurt Yourself

Good morning,

I really trust God that this meets you well.

Have you heard about my podcast???

Have you heard about the series I am working on at the moment?

It is called, ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’. It came out of a voice note my dear friend sent to me when I felt I was losing my mind because I caught feelings for someone I had no business catching feelings for. The voice note encouraged, corrected and guided me. It brought clarity and direction, it brought peace at a time when I was flailing.

It was such a blessing, I feel like every woman (men are welcome too) should hear it.

So ladies, when you find yourself in that awkward space, and you are at a loss of what to do, I have just the right tools for you!!

When you have a few moments, please give it a listen!

It blessed me. I am sure it will bless you too!

You can listen to it on either;






I am not fussy! 😉

The written version should be uploaded soon for those who prefer text to sound!

It is all to share positivity in my space (and yours!)

I hope you listen!

Love and Blessings!


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