The way I see us

The way I see us, I will always try and leap from that mountaintop. I will always try and grab that piece of cloud.

You will always try and keep me from leaping.

You will keep me simply observing and watching the views.

Keep me, watching YOU.

Keep me watching YOU try and leap.

Keep me, appreciating the breathtaking beauty but never allow me room to partake or participate.

Never allow me the freedom to dive in.

Never release me enough to take flight.

You will keep me rooted, atop the mountaintop…with the ability to see and dream and want so many possibilities without the support and promise to even try and achieve any of those hope-filled paths.

You will make me resentful of your inability to match my faith, saddened by my choice to soar, without you.

You will make me leap, look back and dive into a rock.

You will make me regret my need to be all of me.

You will force me to reduce my light, quieten my song, shrink into a person who is nothing like me.

You will make me be a lesser version of me. One who never had the chance to grow.

You will force me into a smaller space, make me remove focus from me to you.

Only you.

Just you.

The way I see us, you will make me another person.

I CANNOT have that.

The way I see us, to stop at even just friendship is a potential hazard.

I cannot have that.

I cannot have that.

The way I see us, I cannot have that.

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