Fola started in this new company. It was her dream job and she was determined to make the most of it. It was one where she could grow and rise among the ranks, she was armed with a 5-year plan. Everything was going as it should. Her line manager was actual goals and there were many things she would learn from her.

She was excited and applied that excitement to everything she did.

Interestingly, Fola was extremely introverted, so much so, most people described her as awkward. What most people did not know was, when Fola felt comfortable enough with you, she was the most extroverted personality.

Fola had a habit of observing people obviously. She would freeze, move to the right side of the person and her eyes would flick to the left and she would stand there until she was content with her observation.

Needless to say, she freaked people out because even though it was obvious to everyone, she was completely unaware of her ‘freeze and look’ stance and no one told her because they wanted to know what she liked to observe, observing along with her.

You see, Fola was a sensitive soul. She saw what others completely missed and having Fola around, taught other members of staff about themselves. Fola showed them that Anthony was worried about his hair, Fola showed them that Abi, did not like people talking about her dresses. Fola noticed Ava’s new shoes and. Gbemi’s new pin to signify promotion. The team unconsciously began to follow her lead about how to treat members of staff better so they let her weirdness pass, they even needed her to be obviously awkward because prior to her arrival, there were much unhappy staff without a voice and no way of expressing discomfort about many seemingly unimportant issues.

Among this huge team, was Teni. Teni assumed the role of mama bear. Not Fola’s but for most people in the team. She was the one who ensured that everyone was okay. The one they went to voice their concerns because she would tell management without a care about her own job because she knew that after a decade, she was an invaluable member of staff. Teni was blunt to a fault, swore like a sailor and did what she wanted. Saying this, she was excellent at her job.

Fola stayed out of her way because Teni was “a bit much” for Fola so when Teni came into Fola’s office and asked to speak to her in a very gentle way, Fola began to panic.

Teni began by asking whether Fola was single. She asked whether she had children, if she wanted children if she was seeing anyone. Fola was taken aback. She knew Teni had 2 children and that she had been with her beau for over 20 years so why was she asking her about her life.

Sighing inwardly, she answered, honestly. She was single and prospectless. She did want children but she was looking for someone serious, decent and ready to settle down. She simply had not met that person.

Teni smiled, “I know someone”, she said oddly and with that, left Fola’s office.

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