A friendly reminder

1. You are valued/valuable

2. You are worthwhile

3. There IS a plan for your life

4. Positive change is possible

5. There is hope

6. Where you are is not a mistake. All na lesson. Learn all you need to learn. Your future self will thank you

7. If things are bad, hold on. Change is coming. It is a matter of when…

8. Give yourself another chance

9. You are *NEVER* alone

10. You are loved. I hope you find out how much very soon!

11. No shame in trying again (please, this one is contextual😅)

12. You are on (in) your OWN timeline/race/story

13. God is not far. He knew before you knew you would do whatever

14. Patience builds character. It makes you better (this does not mean it is not annoying😁)

15. It will all work out. You may not understand or see how, now but ow! Trust me when I say even the most dire situation can be worked out.

16. You will look back one day and the light bulb will flash and you will get it.

17. *EVERYTHING* ( the good, the bad and the ugly) happens for your good!
It really does.

So, take it easy.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Repeat the above.



It is not over, at least, not for today!

Love and Blessings,


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