Lock that door!

If you choose to walk out of my life, stay out.
My life is not a revolving door. I am not a shopping centre.
My life is a house. I have to lock the door to prevent thieves and robbers from emptying its contents and robbing me of my hard work.

You chose to walk out. Stay out.
Don’t turn around.
Keep walking.
The door has been closed.
The lock has been secured.
The chain has been hung.
I am going to bed to rest. It has been a long day.

Ringing the bell and asking me to open the door now is pointless.
I cannot even hear you.
I am dreaming of bells ringing and sweet music.
In my dream, I hear loud melodies and beautiful harmonies.
I am smiling and dancing in my dream.
I like this dream. I remain in this dream. Laughing and shaking to the sound of the music.

Stop calling. Stop texting. There is no need.
When you left, I unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief. A breath escaping. The sound alerting my consciousness of the possibility of freedom.
I did not need to struggle any more.
The second guesses went with you.
The fighting and reducing of myself went with you.
I could finally be all of the me that I forgot to remember.
I can simply chill with the tv on.

Go home please.
Why are you standing outside?
What will that do?
Even if I opened my door, it is to leave for work.
I will turn around and lock my door behind me as soon as I have stepped out.
What else do you have to say?
I realised that I can breathe easier without you in my house.
I like it that way.
I like my house without you in it.

So, please, turn back around.
I need you to walk away again.
I need you to continue walking.
Don’t come back again.
Don’t loiter.
I need you to stay in the new place that you found.
I realise that I am in love with my house without you in it.

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