I struggle! 

I have a confession.

I confess that I struggle.

I struggle.

I struggle to be free and open and honest with the trust that I will be protected and shielded.

I struggle.

I struggle to do all I want to do and feel led to do, without negative consequences that have always risen as a result.

I struggle.

I struggle to say ALL I want to say. All I need to say because sometimes, no. Most times, it is too much for the one receiving it.
Too much emotion. Too much vulnerability. Too much need. Too much vulnerability. They would be crushed under the weight of it.

I struggle!

I really struggle to be fully me in this life that we live and so I am obligated to give a small percentage and deal with the rest myself.

I struggle to take in and handle all that I am given with grace and poise.

I struggle!

I struggle to simply be, just be on some days. I struggle to face the life that I lead.

I struggle. I really struggle sometimes.

This is my confession.

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