Standing in the need of…

Heavenly Father,

I have found my self in this new space. Unsure of how to navigate this new area. This new terrain, oh so foreign to me.

Again and again, I pause, waiting for that prompt. That direction. That instruction.

I forgot to guard my heart. I forgot to keep a guard and now, three times now, I have found myself at a complete loss.

I do not know where to go or who to turn to.

So, I will wait. I will just wait until I am able to separate fantasy from reality. Until I can hear the truth – very different from my truth.

Until I am able to re-prioritize You.

Until I am at peace. Until the fear and panic is no more. Until I can breathe again.

How did I let this happen again? Is it that I am in that season of…I don’t know…

Or have I just been careless?

Please, help me. Guide me. Show me. Lead me but don’t leave me.

I have never been one to make sound decisions for my life but You hold my life plan. You are the ultimate Planner. Your plans are flawless.

Make it clear. Make it plain. Make it bold.

What way should I go?

How do I honour and please You?

How do I remain within the confines You have created. How do I stay safe?

Father, my mind has traveled. My emotions have run riot. I am confused.

I pray for your peace. Be still my heart. Be still my mind. Be still my soul.

Lead me not into temptation but deliver me from evil.

Help me see, identify and recognise all that I need to. Help me know, with a knowing that surpasses all understanding. Help me recognise the fallen places, the places void of You. Help me.

I cling to the Lord Most High and beg for mercy. Hide me, oh Lord my God. Hide me under the shadow of Your wings. Keep me from harming myself and any of Your children in pursuit of…what? What is this?

Heavenly Father, I am standing in the need of…I don’t even know what. Yet somehow, I am certain that You do. When my strength fails, You are able to stand and hold me.

This is new territory and I am at a loss. Your Spirit is not One of fear but One of love. One of a sound mind. One of boldness.

I am standing in the need of…I can’t say what but You know. You know.

Help me. Please, help me.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

Love and Blessings,


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