Talk to me.

Talk to me.

Let your words excite me

Let them provoke a positive reaction

Let them inspire the need to think…maybe ponder on the ideas that you share

Let your words teach me…inspire me…educate me

Talk to me.

Let the conversation flow uninhibited.

Tell me stories that make my mind travel and resurrect my imagination

Share words that make laughter surge from my belly

Describe the scenes, imitate the person, define the feeling, paint the picture

Talk to me.

The sound of your voice, reverberating in my ear, causing my heart to beat, that much faster

The base in your voice, felt through to the tips of my fingers…

…and when you laugh, the sound tickles me. Moves me, compels me to join in, creating a most wonderful harmony of humour

Even in silence, as you pause to think, to breathe, to respond, I still hear the tone of that divine sound…

Talk to me.

Expose your secrets

Disintegrate your plans

Defeat vulnerability with passionate honesty

Excavate your soul

Talk to me.

Pursue me with enthusiasm

Tease me with platinum nuggets of wisdom

Blow my mind with facts and figures that leave me wanting more

Incite me to pause and relish these moments of intellectual stimulation

Talk to me.

Allow only pregnant, possibly, poignant silences that leave us both content to sit and almost dwell in the space before the next word is spoken…before the silence is broken

Guarantee that I already miss you and look forward to the next conversation before the current conversation, ceases

Inspire longing for more, like the student looking forward to the next lecture from their favourite lecturer – unwilling to say goodbye and enthusiastic about the questions and answers

Permit the words and sentences we speak to flow like the river which rushes down to join the waterfall. No interruptions, no restrictions, no difficulty. Just flow.

Talk to me.

Love and Blessings,


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