Another Letter to a friend

Hey friend,

I notice you physically stiffen as I remind you that I love you. Why are your eyes downcast?

I ask you, “do you not know you are loved? Have I never told you?”

You nod and admit that you have heard me and you are aware. Is it that you don’t believe me? Do my actions not tell the same story my words tell?

Dear friend,

I attest to your insecurities and the experiences that have made you hesitant to wholly accept my flagrant display of emotion and affection towards you.

I have seen the very worst parts of you and I accept you, with no questions or requests for you to change. Yes, I love you. Still. More. Just the way you are.

Sweet friend,

Look up. Raise your head and see. See that I have decided to love you unapologetically. I will love you the way I want to be loved because I know that that is the way you want to be loved. I know this because I know you almost as well as I know myself.

Beloved friend,

You asked me how I want to be loved and you have continually loved me in that specific way, over and over again. Others keep telling me how good a friend you are. “Chidinma, that one is a good one”. I hear them and I have decided to pour my love on you – with a fierce determination. With such force that you begin to raise your head and look me in the eye when I say, ” I love you”.

Precious friend,

I love you.

Charming friend,

I thank you.

Consistent friend,

I bless you.

Darling friend,

I am not going anywhere.

Love and Blessings,


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